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Life is really fucked up, twisted, and confused. But would I want to go through any of it without you? You are half of me and when gone I’m empty. I know it may not be easy, but stay with me.

Stay through the heartaches, pain, and disagreements. Stay through the tough decisions, late nights, and arguments. Because we have to fight.

Don’t forget the fun, the laughs, or the fact that I will always love you. Don’t forget the way I noticed and love every little thing about you. You are my Knight.

I’m here and I’ll never leave. Being stuck, with you, isn’t a problem. You are where I’ll always want to be. You are what’s best for me We will be alright.

Do you desire more? 😉 D.L.S.

#Staywithme #Knight #Love #Poem #Endure #Fight #Stay

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