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On Gaia!... We have to do Better! Woman Warrior of Earth.

Calling All Women of Gaia! I need you to realize... You have powers you need to unlock. Terrifingly Beautiful & Helpless - She is Me

Look at her. At Gaia. Isn't she beautiful? Isn't she mysterious? Holding so many secrets, yet not hiding a single one. Bringing forth wonder and curiosity. Advancements and simplifications. Magnifeciently and beautifully terrifing, in a way that just amazes. She hosts the meaning of balance and life. Yin and Yang. The masculine and the feminine. Gaia builds imaginations, mountains, oceans, and creatures. Gaia provides shelter, nutrients, and opportunity. Yet we take and seldomly give back, corrupting the balance and life she offers. We want more and expect no consequences for our desires. She gives and gives hoping to have enough energy to sustain herself until she will have time to rest... Even though she doesn't know when that rest will come. So, she continues to gives with very few helping her replenish. Those very few are her heroes. Her warriors. "Okay, and this relates to me how?"... I'm glad you asked. Gaia gives and gives and you can't say you don't care. Because you HAVE to care. It relates to you in more ways than I can tell you and it'll make sense in a moment.... Recognition of Strengths & Weaknesses Have you ever thought of yourself as an extension of Gaia? Have you given yourself recogninition for the warrior you are? Do you even believe yourself to be a warrior?... I hope you would. I hope you would speak power unto yourself. But in the event that you need assistance... I got you. You are powerful like the earth herself. Let me proof it. Go back and reread the beginning of this blog and replace Gaia's name with yours. Do you feel any similarities? Do you have takers in your life? Are you in survival mode? Are you magnificent and mysterious? Are you beautifully terrifing? Can you create and nurture? You, my love, hold secrets as well. You can create life and you sometimes auto replenish. You fight through and you provide. You nurture and create opportunities. My dear, you have the power to create YOU! A Whole Woman! A woman with SKILLS, KNOWLEGDE, & WISDOM! A woman that is fearless and stands proudly on her own AND with sisters. Baby, do you even know the secrets you hold? Can you imagine the team you could build?

Don't question whether it's true or if you can. If you do that, then you've already lost... Close your eyes and picture yourself standing beside her. Picture a powerful ally and sister. Picture a warrior. From her hair, to her make-up, jewelry, and fit. Feel her personality. Her smile. Feel her power and her presence. Create a WARRIOR. Her, You, and I are here as an extension of Gaia. We hold her powers and abilities and it's time to unlock them, master them, help her, teach, and give back. It's time to do more. To be more. To be HER. To be GAIA. Gaia fights the unseen and we on the surface need to elect a role of healer or warrior to fight the battles we can see. It's Time - Help Heal & Defend Our Sister We extend her suffering by staying latent. Being latent, not moving, blind to the pain, ignoring the crys. Why sit and watch her crumble? Do you think I would sit and watch YOU crumble? Would you sit and watch me crumble?... If you had every means to help and you want to help, why are you still sitting? The first step is becoming aware that you ARE sitting or standing still. Become aware and acknowledge, but don't get upset. Damn, you aren't doing everything in your power to stand beside your sister warriors. Damn, I doing the bare minimum. Damn, I'm doing somethings and I can definitely be doing more. Whether your case, let's close our eyes again and I want to ask you a hard question... I want you to feel Gaia. Feel the Earth, your sisters, the children, the birds, the breeze. I want you to feel the coolness of the water, and the warmth of the sun. I want you to see the clouds and nature abound. Picture it like a movie. Cinamatic and picturesque. Imagine rough times and times of abundance. A sisterhood and village build on honesty and trust. Think of the adventures and the missed opportunities. The joys and the disappointments. Create a full life for this warrior, include the ups and downs. Now remember the woman you are next to and the earth that provides this. Remember that she has a life as well. Your sister. Just as full of joys and heartbreaks. Remember that you connect to Gaia to make life THIS beautiful. That this life doesn't come easy. You worked for this BEAUTIFUL LIFE. You and your sisters WORKED for this ABUNDANCE. But disease and invasions are at the gates. Are you ready to defend? Is your armor ready? How about your herbs? How will you assist? If your life was this movie, what part would you play in Gaia's victory? Or in her down fall? Invasion and disease are at the gates, remember! Are you a healer or a warrior? Are you making excuses? Or are you hiding?... It's scary as hell. I know, I was shaking in my boots when I turned and saw. Everyone has to deal and deacide, and I have made my decision.

It's time to make yours. It's time to stand up. You are her. Join Our Sisterhood & Follow Luna Soleil Wellness on IG & Tune into Our Podcast.

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