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My star


Looking at the stars, I wonder what’s up there. What’s beyond the stars and pass the moon. What’s it like to just float in the beautiful void of space. To embrace the emptiness and love the view of Earth from a distance. Then I turn over and all I see is you. Sleeping so peacefully and beautifully. My own personal star. You shine for me every day, even when it’s gray. Feeling your warmth in every touch, I am empty no more. You fell just for me. Your love just for me and I live for you. Finding my place amongst the stars wasn’t as hard as I thought. My curiosity is answered. My place was with you all along. Why do I need to love the Earth from a distance when I can enjoy her up close and with my own shining star. Life doesn’t have to be measured on the grand scale of the universe, because my world is complete with just you.


#Love #stars #Moon #shiningstar #Life #beautifulnature #universe #justforme #earth

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