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My Time

Updated: May 5


I was lost for so long. So empty I didn’t even know how deep I was in. But with every decision I started climbing. With every decision I rose. Lifting myself from this hole.

It was hard, very hard at first, to make certain decisions because to say “no” to others was to say “yes” to me and I have never did that before. I have never put myself first. Even though I knew that “in order to take care of others you have to take care of yourself first” saying, I thought that by taking care of them was taking care of me. But in the end it was a slap in the face because they were just ungrateful.

I’m leaving them behind and focusing on me. Expressing myself with not a care as to how they may feel. I will love them always but it’s just time to do it my way.

Let’s Rebel in our Bliss ♡

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