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Nature’s Beauty


Being in the desert for these three years made me forget how important nature is and how it affects our everyday lives. I forgot how everything depends on each other and how beautifully cruel nature can be. With the death of one creature’s baby ensuring another one’s life, or a simple plant whose existence protects multiple species, or the hunger of an animal which helps keep populations of others under control, the intelligence behind these creatures and organisms amaze me. The importance of the food chain, the life cycles, the oceans and seas, and how the weather affects each and every one of us, as a whole we need to know our place. How, without knowing, our every decision affects the future and influences nature. How the smallest creatures may have the most important jobs and are the main reason our food chain still exist, because without them adapting to some of the certain changes we force upon them we wouldn’t have anything to feed off of. We aren’t better than any other species when it comes to nature. Nature is beautifully dangerous. It has no boundaries. Being reminded of this has brought back a certain enlightenment within myself and a reconnection to life other than humans. Everything has a place and everything happens for a reason. Death, life, sadness, happiness, loneliness, and togetherness are all a part of a cycle and everyone needs to play their part. We need to learn how to “stay in our own lane” when it comes to nature and our place in the world.

Do you desire more? 😉 D.L.S.

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