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Rainy days

A lot of people associate rainy days with hard times. The gloomy and the grey, with the cold and the lonely. For me, rainy days are the beginning of something different. It’s a break from the old and it brings in the new. I enjoy the sound of rain against my window, even the howling of the wind during a storm. The cold gives me a reason to get warm and I seek my lover. It washes the struggles away, whatever they may be and it gives me the perfect setting to snuggle up next to my better half. We use these days to some times play catch up, to reconnect, to play board games or cards, to laugh, and to love.

Rainy days, may only be temporary but the effects are everlasting. Rain helps life grow and prosper. A day inside may be what is needed to rekindle a spark between lovers. Rainy days may put out fires off all kinds. These days are what’s needed some times, so embrace them with open arms. These days may bring hope for a new day, so don’t be too harsh towards them. What you do during the storm is what really matters afterwards.


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