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The Importance and Benefits of Stretching

Updated: May 5

The Importance of Stretching with Luna Soleil

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live." -Unknown

On your mark!

Get Set!


You have goals! You have dreams! You need to reach them! Run!!!

Settle for nothing. Push through. Jump over the Obstacles! Run!!......




Wait!!!!!.... Wait, wait, wait!!! Did you stretch first? I mean did you REALLY stretch first? Like how many hours of training AND recovery did you do? Did

you prepare for something this big? For your dreams to be fulfilled? For your goals to be met? Did you? Is your mind and body ready for the shift? Can you handle the load? If you only weight-trained.... We have a problem. If you only did cardio... Umm we have a problem. HIIT, Pilates, Work! Breathe!!! If you do any of these these and you don't take a moment to stretch... Baby, you will have problems

And no, I'm not talking about a quick

"reach to the sky and touch your toes for 10 seconds" type of stretch. I'm talking about the type of stretch where you gain a few centimeters in height. The type of stretch where you instantly FEEL different. Where your balance will be off if you don't stretch the other side different. The stretch where your breath comes easier and your blood flow uninterrupted. The stretch that leaves you in the clouds on your tiptoes.

So do me a favor and back up a bit... Pause for a second... Let's evaluate if you are ready for such a commitment. For such an endeavor to the stars. Because you dare not start that race before you know your strengths and weaknesses. For if you do, YOUR finish will be well before THE finish. Can you even imagine the beauty amounts the stars if you don't prepare for the clouds? We first have to prepare our toes to balance on these clouds in order to reach such heights.

Stretching is Not a Waste of Time

Let's be honest. You don't stretch enough. No one stretches enough. Not correctly. Even the professionals don't. And this is because "Life" is happening... We are rolling with the punches, we are ducking and diving. Bobbing and weaving, and we THINK we just need to get "stronger" to survive. WRONG!! You need a break! Your MIND needs a break. Your BODY needs a break! Sit down! Slow down! Breathe. Please.

At this rate your body will give out before your mental does. And we have seen that many of times. When your mind is racing with excitement, yet you are in too much pain to move. When an elder still has their wit and mental drive, but no physical capibilities. I don't want that for you. I want you to live a full and fulfilled life in a vessel that will take you on that journey. The only vessel that CAN take you on that journey. The one that you have already. Your Body.

Stretching is self-care. It is one of the things that is necessary yet not mandated. So, we make excuses for not doing it. We make time for what we want to do. And stretching, for the most of us, is not very high on our priority list... When in actuality it should be in the same spot as exercise and fitness. But why would us adults want to do something we are supposed to? Why would we not do the same thing we frown upon others for. Because in the end "not stretching" is the "normal" right? To actually do right by my body would be absurd!

How dare I take 5-10 minutes for myself.

How dare I breathe and focus only on my movements and feelings.

How dare I make stillness a priority.

Luna Must Be Tripping!

Stretching is Self-Care

So let me explain, because I guarantee you that I'm not tripping....

Stretching, when performed correctly, is form of communication. It is body-awareness. It is self-love. Stop making excuses to love on yourself! Period. Communicate with you. Figure out what's going on with YOU. How can you help yourself? What do you need to do? Where do you need to go? If you don't know the problems, how can you ask for help or seek assistant? If your body is yelling at you all the time, it's obviously trying to make you listen. Don't get upset at others not listening to you when you do the same.

LISTEN! Listen to your body. I can't hear or feel your pain, but I can see it.

Shoulders hiked, lower back curved, can't extend arms, knees in shambles. Back muscles weak, abdominal muscles overworked and nonexistent. Yes, I see you. And so badly I want to help, but what good would it be if you just take my touch and not my knowledge and wisdom. What good would I be to you if you don't listen to me? And it's one thing if you don't know and another if you don't care. Trust me, I can tell that too. So, it really starts with you.

Stretching brings awareness to the body. It takes you out of your mind's garden and places you into your physical vessel. Stretching opens the door for your MindBodySpirit to connect as one. Again, it is a place of self-love. Set the mood. Make it zen. Slow it down. Light some candles/ incense. Grab your crystals. Music! Don't forget the music!! And just breathe. Make slow movement, no matter how crazy you think you look. Sway! Shake! Wiggle! Reach!

Scan your body. What are you physically feeling? What muscles hurt when you do this? What muscles hurt when you do that? What feels good? Where do you feel pinching? Your goal is patience. To acquire patience with oneself. To find out where you are weak and overworked. To find out if you can balance either leg. To find out your strengths. To figure out a plan for you. To make time for you.

Take the information from your stretch: tight shoulders, right knee is stiff and hurts, neck pain, when I touch my toes my back pops, etc. Whatever you find out about your body, write it down. You need this information. You will start using this information. Your body will be different everyday. From what you eat, to how you slept, to your choice of activities. Your body goes through changes constantly. And it's time for you to give your body acknowledgment, a break, and some grace!

It needs grace periods where you don't ask for anything. Where you don't have to go anywhere. Your body requires a time where you just breathe and let your muscles be. SO STRETCH. Stretching is that activity that will connect dots. It will give you information needed to adjust to things in your life and helps you gain more comfortably.

Book Your Stretch Session Today if you are in the Greater Phoenix Area!

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