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Trust No One

Updated: May 5


I’m sitting here getting emotional and upset. Thinking about how someone can do these things and just be ok with it. To say things and speak on things they know nothing about. I get pissed and angry. Then that turns into sleepless nights, then tired days. . . But I’m now over it. Fuck everything, fuck everybody! I used to care a LOT. I used to give a shit, but now my hands are in the air. I’m done.

I can’t keep letting things things get to me. To upset me and get me off my game so I have a mind change. I take a breath,  then I think that maybe, just maybe, I’m holding on to something I should’ve left a long time ago. To something I shouldn’t have been apart of from the beginning.

I’ve been through my share of major disappointments and I’m not naive to think that I’ve had my last. But I am smart enough to know how to slim them down. To decrease the chances of disappointment by eliminating some factors.

So here’s to me being just about me.

Let’s Rebel in our Bliss ♡

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