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Sometimes you just know. You just  have this feeling, a feeling of certainty, of undeniable need, lusting wants, and unimaginable happiness. And I feel this as he walks towards me, so I ready myself for his embrace and I close my eyes.

I’ve never let anyone get this close and I want him, and only him, to get even closer and to hold on a little tighter. He leaves me speechless and with no worries. Where I can just let go and know he’s got me.

Out of nowhere we rise, he took me in the clouds. Where I can look down on the life I left behind and up at a life we will start side by side. So there is no turning back and no places to hide.

We continue to rise. Rising where no negative can reach. Where I am him and he is me. To an unimaginable world known only to a few. And he chose me to take this journey, not you.

“You are so cold,” he tells me, and he puts my hand to his face to feel his warmth,  “but you won’t be too much longer.” He reassures me that with him I will never be cold again and that this trip on the clouds will never end. I have never imagined a love like this for me. Yet here he is and here he will always be.

Let’s Rebel in our Bliss ♡

#Staywithme #EroticRebel #Love #Adult #Riseup #holdingon #Life #Clouds #Mature

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