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Unsuspected Love Verse 3

Updated: May 5

Baby steps. . . .

Will I allow myself to be happy? To get what I deserve? OR Will you prove me wrong? Show me that happy endings exist. That you don’t want a piece of me and will help me on my journey.?

But Who knows. . .

The only thing I know is that I don’t want to be lied to, played, used, or taken for granted. But I’m no angel or princess. I AM NOT the most perfect person in the world but I am worth it if you stick around til then. Until I’m fixed. If that’s even possible.

Patience. . .

I’ve been on my own for as long as I can remember. Surrounded by people I can’t talk to.  So I will need my space sometimes and I’ll need you to just give it to me… It’ll be better for both of us on these days. I’m not used to someone needing me or someone being there. I never had that option. Don’t force me to open up. To let you in. I will do that in time. Trust me, I will. If it feels like forever I’m not forcing you to stay. I take my time because nothing is certain. You are not certain. And I can’t be sure that you’ll be there for me. So little by little you can and will know me, my flaws, hopes, dreams, fears, my past and if you still love me after that I hope you can be my future.

Be prepared. . .

I love my walls, they save me from a lot of hurt, pain, and agony. So don’t start breaking them down if you aren’t ready for what’s on the other side. . . A broken, unloved, scared, warm hearted, 500 piece puzzle with missing pieces.

So if you don’t like puzzles let me know. . Or in a month or two you can take your pieces and leave me like everyone else, just so I can be recycled again.

Let’s Rebel in our Bliss ♡

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